Have you discovered the joy of the natural world during the lockdowns?  Would you like to know how to attract to, and then photograph, the birds in your garden?  If so this workshop is for you. 

Personally I get a huge amount of pleasure from both watching and photographing the garden birds.  I spend many an hour sitting at my kitchen window watching as they feed, fight and forage.  Fascinating and very good for the soul!

This workshop is  targeted towards beginners, I'll be covering the basics required to photograph your garden birds.  You just need some kind of camera, ideally not a smart phone, but even if that's all you have I can still help you out. 

If you feel this course looks too basic for you, then please check out my Introduction to Wildlife Photography workshop as it can be tailored to your level.

To book, purchase a voucher or find out more please get in touch - karen@karenmillerphotography.co.uk

You have the option of a half or full day workshop which will be held in my garden 5 miles West of Inverness.  Topics covered (depending on workshop length and your personal interests) will include:

- Talk about how to attract birds to the garden - which foods to purchase, the best kind of feeders, where to put them and how to keep the birds free from infection.  

(- I can help with identification of common birds if required)

- Explore my garden and I'll show you some images I've taken to show you the variety that's possible.

- Discuss camera settings - don't worry if you currently use auto settings, I can give some tips on how and what to use to improve images.

- How to photograph without spooking the birds (hides, windows, clothing, field craft  etc)

- Composition

- The ethics of wildlife photography

- Finally you'll have the chance to put what you've learnt to practice and I can give you some feedback on your images.


Half day (4 hours): £60 per person (£100 for 2 people)

Full day (8 hours): £100 per person (£150 for 2 people)

Snacks and hot drinks will be provided, there are toilet facilities on site.  Please bring your own lunch. 

From mid July I hope to be able to offer accommodation in my brand new Glamping Cabin "The Drey".  Residents will receive a 10% discount on all workshops.  Please contact me if this is of interest and I'll be in touch once I officially open bookings.