What a crazy 12 months we've had, but the one upside is that many people are discovering the joys of wildlife and nature for the very first time.  For me personally spending quality time with the wildlife available on my doorstep at my Highland home near Beauly certainly kept me sane during periods of lockdown and uncertainty.

I am therefore now offering an introduction to wildlife photography workshop.  If you, or someone you know, are just starting out, either as a photographer or as a wildlife photographer then this is for you.  I'll cover the basics of wildlife photography, recommended camera settings, the dos and don'ts of wildlife watching/photography and much more depending on your level of experience and requirements.  This is suitable for complete beginners with a camera, ideally bridge or above as well as intermediate photographers who want to learn more about photographing wildlife.  It can be amended to suit, please contact me to discuss.

To book, purchase a voucher or find out more please get in touch - karen@karenmillerphotography.co.uk


Duration is 1 - 3 days

All year round

Please note: accommodation is  currently not provided although I will have a cabin to sleep 1-2 people available for rent by summer 2021 , hopefully July- for those renting the cabin there will be a  10% discount for workshops and the option to review images or go for a local walk in the evenings.

Given current Covid-19 restrictions you must have your own transport.  If you'd like more information on my accommodation please email karen@karenmillerphotography.co.uk

The workshop will be targeted towards your personal level and requirements as well as differ slightly depending on the time of year, but a possible schedule might be as follows.   If you choose a one day workshop we will cover a combination of the topics from days one and two.

Day One

This will be spent near my home which is 5 miles West of Inverness.  Depending on the length of the workshop we'll spend a fair amount of time talking about camera settings and composition with the help of the garden and local wildlife. I'll show how changing aperture and shutter speed can affect the image and how positioning the subject correctly in the frame can make a huge difference - we'll cover the rule of thirds, eye level, eye contact, lighting etc.

Day Two

This will also be at my house/local area. 

I'll show you how you can create photographic opportunities in your own garden or local area.  I have lots of little birds in the garden as well as red squirrels.  There's the possibility of great spotted woodpecker, sparrowhawk, red kites and buzzards overhead and maybe a bunny or two!  We can explore the local woodland where we might be lucky enough to see red squirrels and jays. Depending on the season and tide times we could go down to the Beauly Firth where in the summer osprey fish.

We'll look at how you can get closer to wildlife - hides, fieldcraft, clothing, props, baiting, trail cameras. 

We'll talk about the importance of ethics in wildlife photography

Post-production - how to enhance your images using editing software

Day Three

We'll visit one or two sites* for a day putting what you've learnt into practice.  Possibilities include a day in the North East, Morayshire coastline, Cairngorm National Park  or the Black Isle.   


Also available as a gift voucher

One Day Workshop

One-to-one: £150

Two-to-one: £125 per person (£250)

Two Day Workshop

One-to-one: £250

Two-to-one: £200 per person (£400)

Three Day Workshop

One-to-one: £350

Two-to-one: £300 per person (£600)

* cost of entry to private hides/reserves is not included in the price of the workshop.