Mountain hare photography is about endurance, fitness and patience, but it can be very rewarding, and when you look at the images you’ve taken, you’ll forget how tough it was on the hill! Mountain hares don’t do a whole lot. It’s not uncommon to spend a couple of hours, sometimes longer, sitting with a hare that does little more than shift position slightly or blink! This is the norm. However there is the possibility of grooming, stretching, running, interacting with other hares, maybe even boxing. Hares are fab, beautiful animals even when inactive, their facial expressions can be wonderful.


day/days of guided mountain hare photography in the Scottish Highlands.

£150 per person for 1 day ( includes £25 deposit at time of booking)

£275 per person for 2 days.

£400 per person for 3 days.

Your day can be tailored to your personal needs and I can provide as much or as little photographic tuition as you require.  Included is field-craft and information on the behaviour of the hares.

Please be aware that a good level of fitness is required, many of the hares are up a hill and you'll be walking and crawling across uneven, heather covered moorland and possibly through snow too if you're lucky!  We also spend a fair amount of time sitting with individual hares so you do need patience as well as hares tend to spend the majority of their day snoozing.  If fitness is an issue, it's possible I can still make it work for you, but please contact me to discuss.

Transport - Typically we meet in the village of Tomatin and I will drive us the rest of the way.  However, please note that for the foreseeable future, due to Covid 19 you will be required to make your own way to the carpark. 

Therefore access to your own vehicle is preferable as there is limited public transport to the hare location. If this is a problem, please be in touch and we’ll have a chat to discuss options. 

Location – Tomatin, between Inverness and Aviemore, Scottish Highlands.

Meeting point – Tomatin community hall, main street, Tomatin.

Clothing - lots and lots of layers - even in summer dress for cold weather!  Even if it doesn't seem cold there's always a wind chill factor and you'll be sitting for extended periods.  Waterproofs essential for both you and your camera. Good, comfortable, waterproof boots with ankle support, thick socks, gloves, scarf, hats.  I can provide hand-warmers.  Walking poles can be of use especially when it is snowy.

**If I feel your clothing is inadequate for the conditions I will not take you onto the hill and no refund will be available**

Food - Please bring anything you'd like to eat or drink with you, it can be a long day. A flask of something hot highly recommended!

Facilities – we shall be out on an open hillside for several hours, so there are no toilet facilities.

Recommended camera kit – DSLR or similar. Lens 300-500mm. Waterproof cover for camera/lens. It’s up to you if you’d like to bring a tripod or monopod, but you would have to be able to carry it up the hill and over rough ground.

**Don't bring any more gear than you have to as there's a fair amount of walking involved**

Finally, if you’d like to read more about mountain hares and photographing them, then can I recommend my blog, here’s a link to the ones featuring mountain hares:

To book or discuss further please contact Karen Miller

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