My name is Karen Miller and I am passionate about wildlife - especially Scottish wildlife.  I can't think of anything better than being out in the countryside armed with my camera (and waterproofs & midge repellent!) watching and photographing the amazing creatures we share our planet with.

When it comes to photography my aspiration is to capture images that show animals in their  habitat behaving naturally. I don't believe in photographing just to tick off a species. I've recently moved to the Scottish Highlands and during lockdown have spent my time getting to know the amazing wildlife that is quite literally on my doorstep. Check out my blog to read about "my" red squirrels, badgers and pine martens!

I am an experienced mountain hare photographer and guide, so please do get in touch if you'd like to see and photograph these wonderful animals for yourself.  I can take you up any time of year.  In the winter there's the chance of white hares on white snow, and in the summer leverets in beautiful pink and purple flowering heather. More about my guiding on this blog: Mountain Hare Guiding.

Over lockdown and beyond I've spent many many many hours with my local red squirrel population and have learnt a huge amount about these fantastic little creatures.  They are such a joy to watch.  If you join me on a squirrel workshop, or my new 3 day squirrel therapy course I'll spend time talking about their behaviours and personalities.

I now also have a rental cabin available.  It is open plan and sleeps 1-2 people (couples, friends or individuals).  A perfect getaway for nature lovers.  Full information at The Drey Inchberry.  Guests receive a 10% discount off my wildlife workshops.

I am also  available for music, pet or event photography, please contact me to discuss

Here's an interview I did for an American blog (March 2018), if you want to know more about me and my photography:

Karen Miller by Laurie Campbell

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