Red squirrels are undoubtedly one of the most joyful creatures to watch as they bounce around, eat and cache nuts and chase each other.  I never leave a session with the squirrels without a huge grin on my face!

However, they aren't the easiest animal to photograph as locations are often in woodland with poor and varied light plus they move so very very fast!

If you'd like to learn how to leave a session with the squirrels with great photographs as well as the aforementioned grin, then this is the workshop for you!

Not only will I give you tips on how to best photograph fast moving subjects in low light, but I'll tell you about red squirrels and share my passion for them. I know these guys extremely well and can recognise a few of them by their behaviours. 

"Thank you for your guidance with the use of my camera, I have learned so much. This is due to your teaching skills. I am happy and proud of my pictures - the best I have even taken. Thank you for introducing me to your squirrel family. They are delightful."  Wendy November 2021

"The workshops have been fantastic and I've learnt such a lot, so thank you. Oh, and your squirrels are a delight." Chris, September 2021

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Woodland Squirrels December 2020

The objective of the day (duration dependent on hide and/or time of year) is to learn how to successfully photograph these fast moving creatures.   During the summer months the squirrels are active from dawn to dusk, however in the winter and early spring they tend to be active only in the mornings. Prices below are therefore based on activity levels.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions you must have your own transport and abide by any restrictions in your local area and the Scottish Highlands.  


Camera settings

How to photograph in low or varied light

How to capture natural, emotive images

Red squirrel behaviour


I am only able to offer local red squirrel workshops to visitors to the Scottish Highlands (at the request of the landlord). If you do live close enough that it would be a day trip I can hold a workshop at a different hide in the Cairngorms - see option 2 below.

Option One for visitors to the Highlands:

My local hide near Beauly.  This site is in a deciduous wood and is a very natural setting.  You'll often see five or six squirrels at once bouncing across the woodland floor or sitting in the surrounding trees.  I do not have a wooden hide, but do have pop-up hides available and it's also possible to sit/lie outside the hide for eye-level images - hot water bottles and drinks can be provided!   

The hide also has visits from great spotted woodpeckers, jays and little birds including great, coal and long-tailed tits, robins and chaffinches. Sometimes a wren appears or even a tree creeper.

I also (Jan 2021) have 3 red squirrels visiting my garden and have a set-up here too which can be used if they are active.

Option Two for Highland residents, or visitors staying in the Cairngorms who prefer not to travel to my hide:

We'll rent a private hide in the Cairngorm National Park which is in a clearing in pine woodland.  The hide is dug into the ground allowing for eye-level images and there is a healthy and active population of red squirrels.  The site has the opportunity to photograph squirrels jumping and also has a reflection pool.

Red Squirrel, Cairngorm National Park


Also available as a gift voucher.

Squirrels tend to be active in the mornings only, so these prices are based on a workshop lasting until approx 1-2pm

Option One (my hide):

One-to-one: £80

Two-to-one: £120

Option Two (Cairngorm hide):

One-to-one: £140   

Two to one: £200

Also available - 3 day residential red squirrel workshop "Red Squirrel Therapy"

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